The need to emphasize proper/adequate table manners in today’s culture is of great importance. Table manners are habits that are conventionally required at the dining table while eating. Table manners and dining etiquettes are mutually inclusive; that is, one is not independent of the other.


Are table manners required in a restaurant different from the one observed in the home? This is a question asked by so many individuals. The truth is that the answer is NO, just that in a restaurant extra precautions are taken.

Sometimes it’s not about how well dressed you look or how nice you smell when out on a date. Most times it is how well you handle your food and the utensils delicately.

Your composure at a restaurant has a lot to say about your personality. So, as a gentleman hoping to impress his date or catch a secret admirer, below are some basic table manners for gentlemen. Know more here!


  • Come to the dining table with hands and face clean. Endeavor to wash up especially before dinner time.
  • Assist in setting the table, even as a guest. It gives your host a good impression of you.
  • Use the right cutlery for the food. For example, use a fork or chopsticks for pasta.
  • Chew your food with your mouth closed, nobody wants to see your uvula.
  • Try your possible best to chew silently and slowly, no matter what you are munching on. It aids digestion.
  • Do not use your utensils like a shovel or stab your food.
  • Avoid slouching and don’t place your elbows on the table while eating. Although it’s okay to prop your elbows while conversing during the meal.
  • Take part in dinner conversation, no matter how little you think your contribution is.
  • Make use of the table napkins. Clean the sides of your mouth at intervals.
  • Switch off or silence all electronic devices before sitting at the dining table or entering the restaurant. If by any chance you forget to switch off or silence your device, and a call comes in during the meal? Do not pick it.
  • Cut your food into bits one or two at a time. Do not cut the whole thing down.
  • Do not use your fingers to pick food in between your teeth. Do not pick your teeth at the dining table either. Make use of a toothpick or wait to floss your teeth later.
  • Do not talk with food in your mouth. It is disgusting and highly inappropriate.
  • Don’t drink with your mouth full to avoid leaving food at the rim of your glass.
  • Sneezing, coughing, or blowing your nose at the table is highly unacceptable. If you have to do any of the aforementioned, you can excuse yourself from the table.

The table manners of an individual are influenced by various factors. These factors include; gender, upbringing, culture, and environmental influence. As regards gender, we would all agree that females usually observe table etiquette than most males. This is in no way a gender war but it is general knowledge that females are more self-aware, hence the need to be extra careful on the dining table. For more details read our article: